To distinguish the model among those that have already been reviewed, the BGVP DH5 is as if the music talked with lower bass. 7. 11. Everything looks very nice. The phone will not drive these headphones, so you must have a more or less decent source or amplifier. In such compositions headphones are revealed to the fullest. 2. Headphone fit shown below: In the composition Planningtorock — Girl you’ve got my heart, massiveness and density are felt in the increased percussion overtones. 12. Dance tunes play well, you can, of course, find fault with the dynamics and speed of the transition from instrument to instrument, but, as I said more than once, headphones simply do not know how, they are about something else. 4. 2. All
previous headphones transmitted (on average) information in a neutral tone; where necessary, percussion and stringed instruments were played more loudly or softly. Cinema – A pack of cigarettes The BGVP DH5 headphone model has 5 drivers – 4 balanced armatures (two twin each from Knowles and BGVP) and 1 dynamic. Infected Mushroom – Frog Machine Other directions are also nice to listen to, but if you like the predominance of mass and density in compositions. Kruspe) The product was provided for writing a review by the store. In the middle photo on the left, where the name of the headphones is shown, there is a channel designation (left in the photo). Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Planningtorock – Girl you’ve got my heart And most importantly, the tambourine is not heard in the composition Cinema – Pack of Cigarettes. This is the meaning of the BGVP DH5 sound. Surprisingly, the massive bass component of the sound did not negatively affect the details and clarity in the transfer of notes. BGVP presented a very interesting model! Oleg Gazmanov – Immortal Regiment Drive type: 3.5mm It’s nice to listen to this performance through headphones. 4. Undercut – this is figuratively said, since there are models in which the upper range is even shorter. Royksopp – Here she comes again The next example of hissing is the composition Denis Ferrer, Keyo – Transitions – I’ll House You (Acapella). The second example of this sound is Mötley Crüe — Time for change. Given the considerable price, the model (should) play well other genres (even classical melodies), but when listening to those, you will have an understanding of a different, unusual sound. Drivers: 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver, one pair of BGVP 30042 twin armatures and a second pair of Knowles RAF 32873 twin armatures 1. Denis Ferrer, Keyo – Transitions – I’ll House You (Acapella) 10. Weight: 15g 6. 6. Remove frequency response: Another example is Royksopp — Here she comes again, the music of which sounds not only dense and wide, but also evilly bright. Kruspe). The after-effect of the sound is even longer than the peak. BGVP DH5 do the same, but not with speed, but with massiveness. Mötley Crüe – Time for change
The packaging is excellent: three pairs of ear cushions with narrow (tremble) and large ( bass) diameter, as well as one pair of foam ear pads, a cleaning brush, instructions, a wire and headphones. No additional holders
enough in BQYEZ Summer (review here).
The BGVP DH5 uses one 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic diaphragm driver, two pairs of BGVP 30042 and Knowles RAF 32873 dual armature drivers, and an electronic crossover board , which distributes the drivers along the frequency response curve. Resistance: 19Ω Rammstein – Deutschland (Rmx by Richard Z. Garden City Movement, Lola Marsh – Summer night BGVP DH5 are the first headphones I have, which, frankly speaking, jumped in my ears from the bass. Male tenor on the example of the composition Tom Jones — Funny familiar forgotten
nice to listen to. Headphone audio in the review is the other, dark side of the frequency response curve. The latter obey with completely opposite emotions. Frequency range: 20Hz – 20000Hz 9. 9. Sensitivity: 119 dB 7. Wire length: 1.2m 10. 5. Therefore, it is better to listen to hard rock (dark music) through headphones. For example, records from vinyl records are listened to without the wheezing and rustle characteristic of such records (not all, but most of my collection). The dynamics of the voice and the massiveness of the transmitted sound – the overall strong presentation – relaxes and you want to listen to music in silence. In the collection, such headphones, I think, should be kept, because sometimes you get tired of one pitch and want something diametrically opposite. 3. 8. The second feature is the absence of noise in compositions copied from vinyl records. The BGVP DH5 played well with the Shanling M3X player (review here) with one DAC and at a high gain level. Headphone type: in-ear wired
The sound guide diameter is 5 mm, a wooden block is installed on top of the resin housing. 1. In design, headphones will definitely take one of the first places. There is a slider at the point where the channels are separated on the wire, which sets the desired length. The bias is given due to volumetric echoes and endings. 5. As a consequence of the first feature of the BGVP DH5, it follows that the upper range is clipped. Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra, Dean Bowman -M’Lady Ear pads: 3 pairs each with large and small sound guides and 1 pair of foam
The earpiece is shown from all sides below: Connector type: 0.78mm (QDC) The headphone box looks authentic, even if you don’t know that there is a wooden backing (faceplate) on top of the headphones: Specifications: Hissing sounds play out well, not as brightly (as we would like), but without excessive hissing that interferes with the voice. The headphone wire consists of two strands, each of which is a little more than 1 mm in diameter: Tom Jones These headphones are for dark music, metal, rock. There is an additional fixation in the form of tubes on the ears.
The wire is twisted to the best of its ability. 3. After the end of the first verse in the composition Eminem, Nate Dog – Shake that, A cappella begins, in which there are not enough drums: there is massiveness, but not dynamics. Percussion is given not sonority and clarity, but mass and heaviness, which, on the one hand, makes the music clumsy, but, on the other, gives the experience to listen and feel the low tonality. Headphones are interesting for lovers of languid and long music. Quite rare properties for monitor headphones, both the first and the second. The songs Rammstein and Infected Mushroom sound good, in particular the composition I am the supervisor and the psychedelic, for example Cydonia – Lighting rods i>, like others like it. Does your headphone model do this? Even the planar 7Hz Timeless (review here) does not play so massively, but the anger and dynamics are transmitted by a lightning-fast response to any squeak. If you take a closer look, you can see Knowles armature drivers in the photo in the upper right corner.

BGVP DH5 headphones – five-driver massive hybrids

In terms of wire, if a replacement is needed, then I myself want to take a new version with a 2.5 mm interchangeable connector from TRN, an inexpensive analogue of Kinera Leyding (review here). 8. It is interesting to listen to such recordings in an unusual performance. I like this fixation. The reduced tonality of the melody is the word that can characterize the composition Rammstein — Deutschland (Rmx by Richard Z. Eminem, Nate Dog – Shake that For example, the composition Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra, Dean Bowman – M’Lady is heard as something comparable to (not classical music for example) CCA NRA (review here), but not completely, of course : not the instruments themselves, but their beats are heard.

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